Illustration - Drawing - Painting - Conceptions

The Little Dudes and the Fairy jobs

Coquitlam  - 2020

Water color & Ink

The project of The littles Dudes and the fairy jobs series originated from a classic activity that I had the habit of proposing during the theatre classes I was teaching. « Invent a job that doesn't exist and explain it to your audience. » Every single time that I propose this activity, I was amazed by the poetry of proposals. The richness and diversity of ideas that this little game can bring, for everyone and not only for those initiated into art or culture. I decided to play the game on my own and proposed it to my newborn baby. One by one, the little dudes came to life, and slowly I realized an infinite source of inspiration that delivered a message of hope at a time that loving our environment is necessary and crucial.


The Little Princess who didn't like dresses

Coquitlam  - 2020

Water color, Ink, Photoshop

Illustrated book for children from 3 to 8 years old. Parent / child educational project on wearing clothes and being yourself.

Painting - Drawing

2014 - 2020 - ​Water color, Ink, mix media 


2014 - 2020

Water color, Ink, mix media 


2014 - 2020

Puppet, Accessories, Mask