Scenography - Puppetry - Art Direction

"Theater is the craft of

childhood and light" C.Jasmin

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Val Morin - 2019


Some scenes begin on the ground; others are within reach of the clouds. All are ready to receive groups of curious children and listen to their honest tales. A facilitator invites the children to listen to the audio tales and the universes that emerge. She offers them a dozen odors that arouse surprise, sometimes pleasure. Will they be able to guess? 

Odorama is a sweet experience where odors are combined with storytelling and imagination

​Early childhood theater​

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Les Mélodies Suspendues

Montréal - 2018


In a cottony space of soft colors and fluffy textures open to babies from 0 to 3 years old, it's time for a musical trip. Two interpreters take us by the hand to guide us into the country of classical rehearsals within the repertoire of the adult memory.

Early childhood theater


Anne-Sophie Tougas  


Harmonie Garry et Michèle-Anne Martineau


Anne-Sophie Tougas et Émilie Allard

Musical Arrangements

Marc-André Perron



Tant d'Hippocampe

Bordeaux - 2014

Set Designer Puppets design

Text and Staging

One day. A head. Not any, not yours, not mine.


A time. An open door. Not on anything, on the inside of you.

A place, the hippocampus. It may be blue, or green. It may be in the shape of his name. Or maybe not. It is perhaps also, surely also, unique to everyone.



Enter without knocking. The head is open

Non-public theater

Text and staging Harmony Garry

Assistant Hannah Lebre

interpreters Hélène Godet, Pauline Blais, Elsa Boulay, Victoria Del Castro



Youth Zone

Montréal - 2018


Creating a Youth Zone for the Living Arts The future is now for the following companies:

Théâtre de l'Oeil - DynamO Théâtre - Scène Ouverte - Ombres Folles - L'Arrière Scène - Le Moulin à Musique - Théâtre Le Clou - L’Arsenal à Musique - Les Deux Mondes - Le Gros Orteil - Théâtre de l'Avant-Pays - Créations Estelle Clareton - PPS Danse - Théâtre des Confettis - L'Illusion, Théâtre de marionnettes - Théâtre Bluff - Théâtre du Gros Mécano - Le théâtre Motus - Théâtre Bouches Décousues - Le Carrousel, compagnie de théâtre




Montréal - 2017

Set Designer - Puppetry design

A poetic walk into the woes of Philibert, a puppet who loses his son on his quest. That of collecting the uncollectible.

Cloud brews, shaded kites, the suspension of time in balance, but also her. This flashing and fascinating firefly.

Early childhood theater

Anne-Sophie Tougas | idéation, texte, mise en scène et interprétation

Audrey-Anne Bouchard | éclairages et direction technique

Harmonie Garry | scénographie

Kläpp | composition musicale

Jod Léveillé-Bernard et Mylène Pilon | conseils artistiques. 



Crac Dedans

Bruxelles - 2014

Assistant Set designer

It is the story of the outside that invites itself inside. A story of children, a story of greats. It is the story of a sibling, a cracked rule, a quest for freedom that invites to overcome his fears to grow better.​

Youth Theater

Staging Stephanie Eat

Lighting creation Clément Papin

scenography Cécile Balate

Assistant scenographer Harmony Garry interpretations Mélissa Léon, Julien Collard

Un sac de muppets tout chaud, c’est pas

LézArts LOCO

Val David en Do Ré Mi

Val David - 2018

Stop-motion and Muppets show

Immersive installation for Halloween in the village, with the participation of young people and puppets.

Image and music: (composition, editing) André Guay (DR4Y)

Text and Puppets: Harmony Garry

Installation Marc Poellhuber and André Guay, for the Lézarts Loco de Val-David.

Participation Polyvalente des Monts Saint Agathe-des-monts Youth and elementary school of Val David

En avant le stop-motion - part 3 #lerend


Le Voyage sans retour

Montréal - 2017

Set Designer Puppets design

Text and Staging

The voyage without return is a poetic epic linking the living and virtual through a universe leaning like Pisa. Balance badly adjusted between reality and dream.


This creation has its source in the free spirit of children from four to eight years old and wishes to bring young and old to weigh the importance of spontaneity and the loss of innocence which happens to all of us but one.


​Non-public theater

Directed, written and performed by Harmonie Garry and Dave Mutnjakovic

Musical composition Alexandar Premrl



Total Eclipse

Bruxelles - 2014

Assistant Scenographer

"A snowstorm encloses the protagonists in the family home, where Juliet's hanged body has just been found. Languages ​​are loosening in this painful closed session, between incomprehension, guilt and the settling of scores. The gesture of the young woman is radical and scares the living, but the latter explains it. Far from holding an univocal speech on suicide, this creation proposes an original artistic treatment. With a delicate and cottony staging, a very direct acting game and a raw and concrete text, Total Eclipse oscillates between expressionism and realism. "

Teenagers and adults theater

Staging, text Céline Delbecq

Light creation Clément Papin

Set Designer Cécile Balate

Scenographer Assistant Harmony Garry interpreters Valerie Bauchau, Thierry Hellin, Anne-Marie Loop, Consolate Siperus, Charlotte Villalonga