Project of 12 weeks in residence in the school.


Design of props and scenography with high school plastic arts class


- Staging and shadow work and projection with the High school Theater.


- Presentation at the Theater Le Patriote in a professional manner (assembly, dismantling, technical general ...)


- Residence of personal creation in the corridors of the school on the time of midday.


Staging workshops and collective creation

- Staging workshops and collective creation - Workshops open to the adolescent and teenager to allow them to discover the specific work of the director and all the roles of a collective creation that has its source in their imagination.


- Work of heart, improvisation we take the time for vital exercises to discover the scenic space with confidence.


Design and manufacture of muppets

- The conception of three musician muppets and creation of a face creation workshop with elementary students of École Saint Jean Baptiste. 

- Handling and staging and working of these puppets with a small group of high school students from the Polyvalente des Monts for an immersive show for Halloween 2018 

: The performance of several hours played in a loop to accommodate children and their parents in the immersive music video created for the occasion!


A year in residence in the premises of the school.

 In partnership with La Rencontre Théâtre Ado and the drama teacher, I designed several scenographies for classes ranging from secondary 1 to 5

La tempête de Shakespeare - Alice et autres merveilles de Fabrice Melquiot - Toka d'Emmanuelle Jimenez - Adaptation of Cinderella and Beauty and the beast


- puppet realization with secondary art class 2 for Alice and other wonders


A space of guided and unbridled spontaneity, conducive to fulfillment.

Space, where spontaneity, imagination, and letting go, are welcome and are supported by tools and extraordinary space.

Proud to carry the values ​​of the Infus'art, I had the honor to set up an awakening session in the shadow theater, puppet for children 4-6 years and 7-11 years. Support the creativity of the 11-14 age group through a collective approach of the staging to propose a creation entirely realized from their imagination.





The vengeance of a trouble maker wolf J.Roy
Polyvalente des Monts

You can follow the progress of the project step by step on Instagram



Alice and other wonders - F. Melquiot
École Leblanc